It feels like a dream at times sometimes I wake up thinking how did I get here. It took a lot of patience and a lot of will power to make my dreams come true. This year I started with starting this site to share my stories with others. 


I got the chance to stay with a remarkable person in Paris. I can't wait to give back to all the people who have opened up there home to me during my travels. Once I have a place, my doors will be open for all travelers needing a place to crash. This website is one that I have been using from the moment I started traveling and will continue using it. 


During my adventure in Paris, I did a lot of cooking at my host's house. There are many organic grocery stores around Paris, so I didn't have to worry about searching for food. I did find a spectacular setting at this little pizza joint. They have an upstairs, which is a quiet and relaxed vibe. 



When I arrived in Paris, it was at a massive bus station. There are some signs on how to get to the metro, but they can be confusing.  I did have to ask for directions from someone. It also happened in returning to the bus station. The trains are very crowded, especially during peak times. Don't worry if a train never comes the train drivers have been on strike for a while. 
Leaving down to Lyon, it was cheaper to book with BlaBla bus since I booked it very last minute. If you want cheap last-minute bus rides, it is better to go with BlaBla. 


I hope you enjoy the content I create for everyone. I love being able to write my experience out for all to see. Leave a comment for me, so I know what you think about what I am sharing. 

Travel Expenses:


Couchsurfing FREE


Grocery Stores $26

Vegan Restaurants $72






BlaBla Bus $21

Train $18




Total Spent in 4 days $137