My journey has taken me all over SouthEast Asia and now Europe. I can't wait to write about my stories in Asia, but I am glad you can come with me during my trip around Europe. The most frequent question I get from people, is how do I afford to travel? 

I don't live a lavish lifestyle, and most of the time, I am volunteering. Volunteering is a great way to not only stay in a place longer but to get an authentic experience. The biggest reason is for free food and accommodation, which are the two most expensive costs. 


When I don't plan on staying in a destination for very long, I use Couchsurfing. It is a great way to see how locals live and get the insider scope of the city. I have met so many incredible people through this site. If you don't feel comfortable staying with strangers, you can always participate in an event.  It will allow you to make connections with people using the site and make you feel more at ease about staying at someone's place. It is a reference-based site, so people leave reviews on your profile, you can read someone's profile and even message those references to ask them about their stay. 

When I need accommodation, I use three websites, Booking, Hostelworld, and Agoda. I found this incredible hostel/hotel on Agoda called A&O Berlin Mitte. This place has a lobby which is spacious and comfortable for doing work or just relaxing. I stayed in a four-bed dorm room that was quite small, but it was cozy. The staff was friendly and helpful in answering questions and even storing luggage. 


When it came to food in Berlin, I had brought some food from Amsterdam to snack on. I only went to one vegetarian/vegan restaurant it was near the hostel about a ten-minute walk. They had delicious vegan pizza that I had to go back, for a second time, it was that good. 


When it comes to long-distance transportation around Europe, there are two companies with cheap seats. Flixbus and BlaBla car are two of the biggest companies. BlaBla car is also a website that allows you to find rides with strangers going the same way. The both have WiFi, and toilets on the bus, however, Flixbus also has free movies you can watch. 

Please leave a comment below this is all so I can help others achieve their goals and be brave enough to go after their dreams. If there is anything you would like me to talk about or if this was helpful for you, let me know. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from you all. Have a fabulous year, because we all deserve it.

Travel Expenses:


Couchsurfing FREE

Hostel $14.00


Vegan Restaurants $40




Sandeman's New Europe Tours FREE


Flixbus: $23.99


Train FREE


Post Cards $1


Total Spent in 2 days: $78.99