Welcome to the page that might help you discover how I have managed to travel-full time. I started my journey on February 22, 2017, and that was the day my life changed for the better, and I began fulfilling my dreams of traveling the world. Once I left, I knew I wasn't going to be returning to America. I had found the freedom that I never knew I had. It has been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs, but it was all worth it. 


In the Netherlands, I stayed with a friend while I was there. However, I did have a Couchsurfing host already set up during my stay, but I canceled to stay with my friend. If you need accommodation while there try giving Couchsurfing a try, you never know you might enjoy it. 


During my time here, I tried to cook most of my meals at the house, but of course, I want to try all Vegan restaurants. The first place was called Vegan junk food bar, which had spectacular burgers and chickpea fries. The second was named Pllk, you have to take the free ferry there, but it is worth it. The structure is old shipping containers, from the inside, you would have no idea. Also, for more Vegan options go during lunchtime, the dinner menu has fewer choices. 



Although I booked a ticket for a tour around Amsterdam, I didn't make it in time. So I did some exploring of my own just walking around the city by myself. If you are looking for free tours, this website below has all the major cities around Europe. 


The most frustrating thing I have found while traveling is finding the best way to explore the city transportation can be tricky at times. I have found myself getting frustrated when I don't have WiFi or data and trying to figure out the countries transit system. A good thing to do before going to a destination is researching the different alternatives for getting around. 
During my time in Amsterdam, I mostly walked everywhere since I was staying close to the city center. I did use a tram system once to get to my bus. 

I have always dreamt about creating my website to be able to share the things I love doing. It is something I have become so good at being a full-time traveler. Please let me know if you need any help or advice. I hope you all are enjoying not only my stories but this page to help other travelers. 

Travel Expenses:


Stayed with a friend FREE


Grocery Stores $44

Vegan Restaurants $35




Sandeman's New Europe Tours FREE


Flixbus $45

Ferry FREE


Soap, oils, and misc. $50


Total Spent in 4 days $174