Warsaw, Poland

I hope you enjoy coming with me through my adventures around the world.


There are so many reasons I want to share my expenses with you all. I also want to share so I can keep myself aware of how much I am spending. 



My favorite website Couchsurfing helped me to find a place to stay in both Warsaw and Wroclaw. 

I also had a volunteer opportunity in both cities that gave me free accommodation and food. I highly suggest this program called Angloville.  



I can honestly say I spend way too much money on food. However, I know this won't change because I love trying Vegan Restaurants. 



While I was in Poland, I used a prepaid sim card that I purchased at the airport. Just go to the convenience store, and they have prepaid sims. I used Orange as my data because it was only two dollars, and I got 10GB. 


The transportation is traveler-friendly, they have busses and trams everywhere. It is easy to find your way around the city. 

I appreciate you taking the time to show my page some love. I love sharing these tips and tricks with everyone and hopefully can inspire others to go off and follow their dreams. Please let me know if you enjoy my posts by leaving a comment down below. If you would like me to write about something, in particular, let me know. 

Travel Expenses:


CouchSurfing FREE

Angloville FREE


Grocery Stores $80

Vegan Restaurants $98


Orange $1.29


Angloville FREE


Train $4.20

Hitchhiking FREE


Clothes $54


Total Spent in 16 days: $237.49