Captivating Greece

Holy Shit I was in Greece, I still couldn't believe I was no longer in Asia. I was exploring a whole new place it was, time to feel like a kid in a candy shop but for me more like a vegan inside of an all-vegan restaurant. I was spreading my wings and flying off while being mindful of my thoughts and manifesting my dreams. Flying to Athens was one of the worst flights I have ever experienced. I admit I booked this flight since it was an affordable price. However, this company has no in-flight entertainment, as well as food and drinks, which are all at an expense. Let me tell you it isn't a quick flight this flight was 12-hours. So I would suggest Scoot if you want a cheap flight, however, be self-prepared with snacks and entertainment.

Thankfully I had found a host previous to arriving in Athens, therefore, off into wonderland trying to find my way around.

Sike first I had to buy data there was one option Vodafone, I don't recommend this carrier if you need a shitload of data like I do. Anyways after getting data on my phone, I took the lovely train to Syntagma Square, where I just had to wait for my host to find me. As I was pushing my luggage up a hill, an older gentleman started talking with me, which surprisingly is an occurrence that happens quite often. Roughly 30 minutes went by while I was taking in the sights, sounds, and feelings of this new environment.

Finding incredible souls who are willing to open up their homes to strangers boosts my faith in humanity. I have used CouchSurfing since I first began traveling, and it has created some unbreakable bonds. While in Athens, my first host was fantastic I got a lovely vegan meal cooked for me. I also got the best tour guide who showed me around the city. I was only in Athens for four days, but that gave me enough time to eat my heart out.

I love Athens for the simple fact that they know how to make Vegan food I was in a food coma by the time I left. I spent one full day walking from one Vegan spot to the next eating up all this mouthwatering deliciousness. I forgot to mention that they have vegan ice-cream not only at the grocery stores but at cafes around the city.

Don't be intimidated when you see police offers in riot gear all around the city protests are a regular occurrence. Learning the history in the countries I visit always captivates me in different ways. Just spe