Captivating Greece

Holy Shit I was in Greece, I still couldn't believe I was no longer in Asia. I was exploring a whole new place it was, time to feel like a kid in a candy shop but for me more like a vegan inside of an all-vegan restaurant. I was spreading my wings and flying off while being mindful of my thoughts and manifesting my dreams. Flying to Athens was one of the worst flights I have ever experienced. I admit I booked this flight since it was an affordable price. However, this company has no in-flight entertainment, as well as food and drinks, which are all at an expense. Let me tell you it isn't a quick flight this flight was 12-hours. So I would suggest Scoot if you want a cheap flight, however, be self-prepared with snacks and entertainment.

Thankfully I had found a host previous to arriving in Athens, therefore, off into wonderland trying to find my way around.

Sike first I had to buy data there was one option Vodafone, I don't recommend this carrier if you need a shitload of data like I do. Anyways after getting data on my phone, I took the lovely train to Syntagma Square, where I just had to wait for my host to find me. As I was pushing my luggage up a hill, an older gentleman started talking with me, which surprisingly is an occurrence that happens quite often. Roughly 30 minutes went by while I was taking in the sights, sounds, and feelings of this new environment.

Finding incredible souls who are willing to open up their homes to strangers boosts my faith in humanity. I have used CouchSurfing since I first began traveling, and it has created some unbreakable bonds. While in Athens, my first host was fantastic I got a lovely vegan meal cooked for me. I also got the best tour guide who showed me around the city. I was only in Athens for four days, but that gave me enough time to eat my heart out.

I love Athens for the simple fact that they know how to make Vegan food I was in a food coma by the time I left. I spent one full day walking from one Vegan spot to the next eating up all this mouthwatering deliciousness. I forgot to mention that they have vegan ice-cream not only at the grocery stores but at cafes around the city.

Don't be intimidated when you see police offers in riot gear all around the city protests are a regular occurrence. Learning the history in the countries I visit always captivates me in different ways. Just spend a day talking with locals, they love sharing, and I love listening.

After spending four marvelous days in Athens, it was time for me to head to Kalamata.

Packed and ready to head to the bus station I was waiting for my cab, as he arrived I was in for a shock. This situation had me shaking my head at how stubborn people can be. Let me paint you a picture the cab was driving up this narrow one-lane road as a truck starts driving down the hill. I bet you can see where this is going, it was a standoff, and neither one was planning on giving in. They were both waiting for the cops to show up to determine who was in the wrong. I was just worried I wouldn't make it to my bus on time. Thankfully my cab driver finally moved his car and took me to the bus station after going off on a racist rant of how these people feel like they own the road. I was so confused at how this predicament became about us vs. them.

Anyways I had planned to volunteer in Greece for a month. So I had arranged a WorkAway host in a small town in Messini, Greece. Little did I know I was about to meet my little Greek family. Everywhere I go, I make these remarkable connections. This family instantly took me in as one of their own. I arrived in the evening, at the bus terminal, I sat there waiting for my host. I was a little worried since she wasn't online, and I didn't have her phone number. After about 20 minutes, they arrived with open arms and big hugs and a great sense of humor. As we pulled onto their street, it was a long, dark, spooky road as she commented we promise we aren't going to murder you. I knew I belonged to this family. There was, homemade lentil soup, I was back into food heaven. Then I was sent to Grandma's house where I would be staying during my time there.  So how Workaway works is you volunteer your time in exchange for food and accommodation. This lovely lady had an English school that I was going to be helping teach the kids. I had such a remarkable time teaching these kids who had an impact on me.

After a month of living with this family who spoiled me, I was getting vegan meals cooked for me every day. I had a super flexible schedule. It was one of the best places I have volunteered at I felt right at home there. The reason I love traveling so much is meeting these astonishing souls who share their stories and lives with you. It always brings me joy when I can extend my family tree.

It was time for me to head back to Athens, where my second host awaited me. This time my visit was much shorter only one night this time as I was due for Albania. Sometimes I think I am the luckiest girl ever it so happened that the bus company I was taking was located only three blocks from my host's house. I was sad to be leaving Greece as I had not only met some lovely people, but I was going to miss the food. Goodbye, for now, I am off on more adventures.

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