Day 1: Adventure of a lifetime!

Well, we have to start from the beginning, which is the day I left Washington State on February 22, 2017. I was in such disbelief when I packed my backpack and was on the way heading to the airport. It was such a surreal feeling knowing this is everything you have ever wanted, but terrified of the unknown. So after going through security and boarding the plane, I sat down and realized there was no one else on this plane. I think I won the lottery that day the whole cabin was empty. I can honestly say this was the best flight I have ever had in my life. I got to sleep laying down over all three chairs, stretching in the middle of the aisle, getting all the attention from the amazing flight attendants.

So my first stop was technically China since I had to transfer flights and go through immigration, so it is my first official stamp. Then I got to the final destination, Singapore I believe I arrived at around 8 a.m. I felt so sick I had never been in the air for this long ever, so doing 18 hours in the sky I was done this was my realization that I get motion sickness. Thankfully I packed sea-bands, they are amazing whether you are on boats, airplanes, cars, and trains. So after a long flight, all I wanted to do was relax, it took a long time to find my hostel. I asked for directions but got pointed in the wrong direction. Spirits still high I walked everywhere trying to locate this hostel, I had done the unimaginable I found it. This cute little cozy hostel was, an amazing first experience, the Little Red Dot had an all-girl capsule dorm it was around $16 a night if I am not mistaken. I stayed for two nights at the dorms I meet amazing travelers with inspirational stories. It gave me the motivation to believe in myself, seeing others doing what I have always wanted. On the first day as I was waiting to check-in, I went out walking around within 20 minutes it started down-pouring. The feeling that washed over me was laughter and felt every drop of rain that touched me. I had this new appreciation for experiences and creating lasting memories.

With this new zest for life, the universe was about to test me. I created a CouchSurfing account and was in luck when I found someone to host me. Ladies, when using this website, there are a few rules I follow when I am solo. I make sure the person has over 50 references, then I usually contact one of the references asking about their experience. There was a red flag when my host had asked me to purchase a pair of jeans for him since they can't be shipped overseas, and he said they wouldn't accept his card. I believed him, and he said he would pay me once I arrived at his house, mind you these were $250 pants. I was impressed by his apartment, and the view was spectacular. I had asked him about paying me back he asked for my PayPal and said he would send it. However, I never did get the money, so listen learned to be careful when people ask you to bring things for them. However, this did not discourage me from using CouchSurfing because it allows locals to open up their homes for travelers.

On to the good stuff, what fun things did I do while visiting? I will tell you the first place I went to was the beach I love swimming. I did visit all the popular destinations that you visit if you look up where to go on the internet. I went to Marina Bay and walked around to see the spectacular views of the city. There was another host from CouchSurfing who was so helpful he had friends living in Singapore and arranged for me to meet him so he could show me around the city. After talking with him, we found a day he was free so, he could take me to Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Hawker Center. I will say, getting around Singapore is very efficient, the buses come every 5 minutes it is super easy to navigate. I must also mention that Singapore is one of the cleanest places I have ever been too.