Himara, Albania my isolation paradise.

Even though I enjoyed Greece, I was excited about the next destination. I have heard stories about Albania, but it was time for me to have my own experience here. The journey was long I took an overnight bus from Athens, Greece to Himara, Albania it was roughly around 10 hours. This ride is going down in the books as unforgettable. I think the universe was defiantly testing me to see how I would overcome some obstacles put in my way.

After getting on the bus I looked for my seat, but there was someone there. Oh well, I didn't mind so, I sat down and tried to get myself situated for this long ride. Quickly I learned that might be impossible for me. This gentleman sitting behind me almost ripped my head off for trying to lean my seat back. For the remainder of the trip, I was not allowed to recline my seat, not even slightly. Trust me, sitting up straight for 10 hours is not comfortable, especially when trying to sleep. And unfortunately for me, this was just the beginning.

2 am rolls around, and we have arrived at the border. Just as I was starting to get a little sleep nope, it is time to wake up. So it started raining at this point, so we stayed on the bus until it was our time to go up to this small window and get our ID's checked. Nothing special, but going through the Albanian border was super easy. I didn't even get off, the bus the officer came on board and took everyone's ID. Roughly ten minutes later, he returned with all the ID's and the driver started calling off names. Surprisingly I didn't receive any stamp in my passport.

There were still four more hours left until we reached our final destination. It immediately started the windy mountain roads. So I do tend to get motion nauseous I don't want to say sickness because I have never actually gotten sick. The worst part was I forgot to put my seabands on, which always helps me. I highly suggest if you get motion sickness to purchase some. They are wrist bands with pressure points to relieve the symptoms. Let this serve as a warning to anyone with motion sickness take full precautions when driving through Albania. Within thirty minutes, I had to keep reminding myself to breathe because these roads were not going to defeat me.

The storm outside was pouring buckets of water down upon the Earth. Soon it started, the rain