One month of budget traveling in Greece!

I want to share my expenses with you, to show others it is possible to travel without spending a fortune.

On this page, I will be showing you how I spend my money and ways I find that will help me afford my dreams of traveling the world. I find the biggest challenge even before we think about going traveling is the cost of everything. When we think of being able to afford travel we only ever think in terms of money, however, when I travel I carry a different kind of currency. I look at how can I be of service to someone in exchange for basic needs like food and accommodation.

I will take you through the biggest expenses typical travelers have when globetrotting. In the end, I have broken down exactly how much it cost me to travel to Greece for a month.


I can make anywhere my home, however, when traveling I love to have those comforts of being at home. Don't get me wrong I love hostels for some time but there is nothing better than getting a home-cooked meal, having local souls surrounding me, and sharing their culture and traditions with me. I want to share some of my tricks on how to cut accommodation costs out of the equation while also gaining an everlasting experience you will never forget.

  • Couchsurfing is a platform that creates connections between souls. This website allows locals to open up their homes to travelers looking for a place to crash for a few nights.

  • WorkAway is another platform that creates connections between businesses and travelers. A volunteer-based website where in exchange for working, you receive free food and accommodation.

Vegan Food:

Since I am vegan, I eat out as little as possible unless it's a vegan restaurant, then you better believe I will be treating myself to some delicious food. So usually I will google two things before I touch down in a new area, one search for a vegan restaurant nearby and two organic grocery stores. Organic stores are the only place I can find nutritional yeast I need my vitamin B12.

  • Falafel House-

  • Cookoomela-

  • The Others-


Picking out a phone carrier can get complicated at times. Vodafone was the only company I could find at the airport. However, I would suggest going to the city to buy a sim card.

Frog is the company locals use, while Wind is another company that I used while I was there.


If you are the type of person who dislikes planning and wants a tour guide. There are amazing websites that allow travelers to connect with locals who volunteer their time to show you around their city. Many volunteer their time so it is always nice to gift them for sharing their knowledge and guidance.

  • This is Athens:


Using transportation in Greece, there are three methods, the train, buses, and Beat (it is their Uber.)

I want to break down my expenses for the whole month while I was in Greece. Traveling to Greece was an incredible journey, if you want to read more about my experience in Greece check out my blog post. Captivating Greece

Travel Expenses:



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Athens, Greece


Couchsurfing FREE

Workaway FREE


Grocery Stores $33.62

Workaway FREE

Vegan Restaurants $28


Airport $32

Vodafone $43 10GB

Wind $35 20GB




Bus $50

Beat $16

Train $10


Clothing Used Jacket $6

Shoes $66

Necklace $50 I fell in love! Impulse buy.

Misc. $50

Total Spent in 33 days:

$700 with flight

$420 without flight

Please leave a comment below this is all so I can help others achieve their goals and be brave enough to go after their dreams. If there is anything you would like me to talk about or if this was helpful for you, let me know. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from you all. Have a fabulous year, because we all deserve it.

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