The beginning of a fresh start!

Let me tell a story about how I decided to leave America to travel around the world and never look back. I had always had this big dream of exploring the world, but I didn't start imagining it until I went to college. I had become friends with so many people from all around this Earth, and it made my fascination grow to learn about other cultures, traditions, and way of life. It took me three years after I graduated from college to set out on discovering the world. I want to share my stories with anyone willing to listen. I want to be as honest and share all the good and bad moments I have had during my travels. Not only will I share my experiences, but I want to share how I have been able to travel for the past three years. Don't expect a lavish lifestyle from me. I am a true backpacker, without the actual backpack, I admit I have suitcases. I have found so much happiness from traveling, not just for the simple fact that I get to go to a beautiful place all the time, but I admit it helps. How have I found my happiness? Well, it was by facing my fears, believing in myself, loving myself, and most importantly, forgiving myself every day. It also opened up my mind to new people, places, and ways of life, which created remarkable memories and lifelong soul connections with amazing new family members. So follow my journey of mindfully moving from one place to the next.