Tirana, Albania

I appreciate it when the universe conspires in my favor. The biggest thing I have learned from traveling is to go with the flow. It definitely can be hard at times, but allowing things to unfold and not allowing yourself to react to every situation puts you in control of the outcome. Allow yourself to observe what is happening, and instead of seeing a problem start realizing why it is happening.

Prime example when I had to leave Himara, because of my host not planning accordingly, I had two days to figure out what to do. Instead of worrying, I just started looking for places to stay, I mean I was already planning on going to Tirana just not as soon as I thought. The only problem I was running into was the fact that no buses were going to Tirana. However, instead of panicking, I just knew things would work out. I went back to the guest house and ran into the guests who were there. We started talking about when they would be leaving back to Tirana. They were going to leave the next morning since they had to get the car back. It was perfect, they were going where I needed to go, so I asked if I could join them. I was so proud of myself this was my first time hitch-hiking, okay I know this isn't the typical way of hitch-hiking, but I still consider it to be. My goal for this year is to hitch-hike as much as possible.

Anyways, back to my story of traveling to Tirana with a mother and son from my home state. The treacherous roads were ahead of me, but I would not allow it to defeat me, so I was smart this time and put my bands on. This three-hour road trip was breathtaking. My focus was on these captivating sights instead of the road from hell.

When we arrived in Tirana, I had yet to hear from my Airbnb host about allowing me to come earlier than I booked. Here is another example of going with the flow. I should have been worried since I only had an address but no clear directions. We were searching everywhere for this place, but we were having no luck finding it. The moment we were about to give up, my host called me. I received a detailed message on how to find the building we drove down there and saw my new host waving out the window. With big hugs and a lot of thanks, it was time for another adventure to begin.

The apartment was on the third floor with no elevators, so I had to bring my heavy ass luggage upstairs. The weight is from this blanket my mom bought and sent me, which takes up half my carry on suitcase (thank you, mom, for buying it for me I love it) but it makes being a minimalist difficult. I will confess it has come in handy to keep me nice and warm during this winter season.

From the moment I stepped into this apartment, I felt right at home. I must mention how amazing this Airbnb was, not only was the bedroom made for a Queen it was, my two favorite colors pink and purple. The apartment was so clean and modern I was, impressed by this place.

The worst and best part was I had Netflix. You are probably curious, why it is a good and bad thing well let me tell you. I hate being a zombie, and with Netflix, that is what happens you check out of reality and waste precious time zoning out at a screen. Trust me, I get sucked in, with all the movies and shows at the tip of my fingertips. Being completely honest, I spent way too much of my time on the couch. However, I was multitasking and writing these lovely stories for you all. On rare occasions, I stepped foot out of the apartment, mostly for food.

Finally, my day off came around, so it was time to explore the city. As I was in the square, I had someone approach me and asked me if I knew where something was. This couple from Columbia was also exploring the city. There was a gentleman who overheard our conversation and decided to help. It turned out he was a tour guide and was more than welcome to help in any way he could. I decided to ask the couple if I could join them. Walking to this building, we started talking about our travels and our next adventure. I was sad when I saw this building in ruins, and there was a gate around it so you couldn't get close. After I decided to head back towards the apartment and they went the opposite direction. I ended up getting a free tour from the gentleman who helped us find the pyramid. I appreciated that he took the time to show me around.

The next day I decided I wanted to learn more about the history of Albania. So I went to a Museum that is in a bunker, there are two different bunkers in Tirana. I think that history is such a big part of our world and is something we all can learn from this is why I make it a point to gain an understanding of what has happened around the world. I love visiting museums that tell the story of what happened in the past. The one thing I noticed about Albania is the lack of tall buildings.

Spending a month in Albania was outstanding. It helped me to grow in so many ways. It gave me the chance to recharge and figure out what I want the next step in my life to be. It gave me the motivation to go after what I deserve in life. I had a great experience here and meeting so many amazing people. It was time to move on from this country and to discover a new part of the world.

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