Vienna, Austria in 24-hours

Vienna was a quick destination since I only had a 24-hour layover. Since I only had a limited amount of time there, I was planning to spend time when I arrived walking around the city. When traveling, I try not to plan everything out since I know that things can change at the drop of a hat. So this is why when I arrived in Vienna, I was flexible with my plans. After a short flight, I neglected to follow one of the most important rules while traveling, which is to stay hydrated. By the time I landed, I had a big headache and still needed to make it into the city. Plus, by the time I got to the hostel, it was pitch black outside, which didn't make me want to explore.

The reason I stayed at a hostel was that my CouchSurfing host told me a day before I was due to arrive that he couldn't host me anymore. As I was on my way to the hostel, I got a message from the host saying he would be able to host me now. At this point, I had already paid for the hostel, so I decided to stay there. Thankfully the train from the airport to the city has free WiFi, which was super amazing. It was helpful since I had not received the message from the hostel on how to get there before I left. I was very pleased with the hostel I had chosen the staff responded to my messages quickly about how to get to their place. When I was checking in, the receptionist was so friendly, and I found out she was from Taiwan and studying in Vienna. The hostel is Zum Goldenen Kegel the location was perfect, you can easily take a tram to the city center, and the train to the airport is a block away.

By this time I was starving, so I decided to look up vegan restaurants nearby there was one which was a five-minute walk away. I will admit that I overestimated my appetite I got myself a burger, and couldn't even finish half of it. After the delicious food at Swing King, I dropped by the grocery store for snacks. When I got back to the hostel, I went to the kitchen to make myself some tea. The kitchen was the hangout spot for the hostel I met a girl from the Czech Republic. We had a passionate talk about our travels and how I manage to fund my travels. Feeling tired, I went to my room and found two Polish girls packing. I struck up a conversation with them since I was about to go to Poland the next day. They were studying archeology and told me all there hilarious stories about their digs.

Side note this hostel had heated floors, I swear I could have slept on the ground they were so warm. I can say that my feet were excited.

It was an early morning for me so I could go and view the city. It was perfect since check-out was around 11 pm the time I should be leaving for the airport. So I caught a tram to the city center, which took around 15 minutes. Once I got there, I was mesmerized by the buildings. I had my google maps, and that always helps me navigate. Two hours later, I started making my way back to the hostel, but there was still one building left. As I was walking around this building, I saw a man sleeping near the building. I was freezing, and I couldn't stop thinking about how cold he was. I went over to him and gave him some money, as I was walking away, I thought to myself that I could do more. There was a street vendor nearby, so I went and bought some food and coffee and took it back to him. It had my heart hurting, knowing that this man was outside in the cold. It always amazes me how we humans treat other humans, especially when they are in such a vulnerable place. Remember that even a small act of kindness can go a long way for that person.

The last thing about Vienna was when I was waiting for the train to the airport there is a room you can sit in and wait. There were a few people inside, so I went inside to keep warm. I will try my hardest to paint this picture for you, but it was you had to be there type of situation. A gentleman inside was blasting his music dancing, which was more like kicking his legs up in the air. He was also having a lovely conversation with himself while trying to fix a flashlight with some tools. We all kind of shared glances back and forth to each other, not understanding what was going on. Finally, this guy packs up his bag and leaves the room. We have these negative outlooks on those who struggle with mental issues instead of trying to be understanding.

Well, this was my 24-hours in Vienna, it was very memorable. It was time to soar off to Poland and start my volunteer project for two weeks.

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