Visiting Albania: A 1-month Budget as a Solo Female Traveler

My second stop in Europe was Albania. I left Greece in the evening, waking up in Albania 3 hours later, at the border. I had a very different experience with immigration. The immigration officers came on the bus and collected everyone's passports. It was a long seven and a half hours, in which I sat in front of the worst person who wouldn't let me recline my seat. It was one of the worst bus rides I have experienced, especially with the treacherous windy roads. It took everything in me not to get sick.

After those long seven hours, I finally arrived in Himara. I arrived in the smallest town at 5 am. There were no shops open since it was winter, so it was pitch black, and the heavens were opening up and raining down on me. With no working phone, no wifi, I was going off a map I had screenshotted earlier of my new volunteer destination. After walking back and forth in the cold and the light sprinkle turning into a downpour, I took shelter. It seemed like a lifetime had passed before I finally saw a car pulling out. I ran over to the car begging for help, but the gentlemen didn't know the place. As he was calling someone to help, two off-duty officers walked by.

I noticed them and asked if they spoke English and could help me. One of the officers jumped in and looked at the address. He immediately knew where it was, he grabbed my suitcase and took me there. As we approached the entrance, there was a mini-lake we had to cross. I was so close to being in bed, but that was wishful thinking the door locked. The officer asked for my new host's number and called her. The adventure continued.