Warsaw, Poland A Wonderful Surprise

I won't lie I was dreading going to Poland, because every time I mentioned Poland everyone had to tell me how cold of a place it is. If you aren't aware by now, I am not a big fan of cold weather. So going to Poland during the middle of their winter scared me. To my surprise, I had worried for no reason in the last few years, Poland hasn't experienced snow. I am relieved when I found this information out granted it was still cold, my nose almost fell off from frostbite.

On my flight to Poland, I sat next to a lovely guy from Turkey who was studying there. We were conversing about our lives, which made the three hours fly by, and before I knew it, we had landed in Warsaw. After collecting my belongings, this lovely soul helped me find a sim card which cost me around $2 and then helped me find the bus I needed to take to get into the city.

I had found a lovely host from CouchSurfing to stay with during my first four days in Warsaw. Heading to my host's apartment, I took a bus and a tram, which was roughly 45 minutes. By this time, my phone was on 2% luckily my phone liked me that day and held on for dear life. I made it to the apartment with 1% enough to call Kati and let her know I was downstairs. I felt right at home when I walked into her apartment. We sat down and talked for a while until realizing we both hadn't eaten dinner, so we went to the grocery store down the road to get food to cook. This small little cozy studio was fantastic the washer was so tiny, I didn't even know they made washers so small. I bet you are wondering since it is a studio