Wroclaw, Poland Gnome Land

The ride down to Wroclaw was quite a blur I was in and out of consciousness. This type of lifestyle can get exhausting after a while. It was getting to me, and on top of that, the cold weather was affecting me as well. Taking the back seat was a great choice. It gave me the option not to have to make constant conversation. I got dropped off at my new host's house as we got closer it was not in the city center, so they became concerned with where I was going. They kept joking that they were sending me off to my death and that they would check to make sure I survived in the morning. I do find it interesting the way our minds work, and how we always think of the worst possible scenario.

Yet, pulling up to the house, I was greeted with the biggest smile and hug from Marlena and her two lovely dogs. As I stepped into the house, I was hugged and kissed by her mother, who was also very worried about what to feed me. She also has a daughter who loves unicorns and loved my green hair. I had wanted to touch up my hair, so I asked her if she wanted to dye her hair with me, so we had a lovely bonding experience getting our green hair. The hospitality I was receiving was overwhelming and appreciated, she does work at a hotel, so it made sense and was something we had in common. The next day I had to get up early to go on the walking tour with the group from Angloville. She took me to the meeting point so I wouldn't get lost.

The weather was extremely cold. I was hoping this tour would be a quick one. By halfway, none of us could feel our fingers and toes, so we had to take a break to go indoors and get warm. Walking around after the tour, I found an all-vegan grocery store. At this point, I was freezing so I knew it was time to go back to the house.

I contacted Marlena to meet up with her to go back together. She wanted to make vegan food for dinner at her boyfriend's house. So we went to the grocery store to get food to prepare. It was a long journey back to the house, and a lot more walking in the cold. When we got to his house, she made a delicious meal of stuffed zucchini and eggplant. For dessert, she made oatmeal banana pancakes. When we got back to the house, we had a long conversation about our lives.

The next day I was heading off to my next program. This time I went by myself to the meeting point since I could remember the way. Although dragging my luggage on the cobblestone was difficult. The hotel we were going to was in the mountains and was only a two-hour drive from town. The feeling of this place was completely different from the last property it was so bright and hospitable. The greatest surprise was the chubby bunny that was there to greet you, as well as there kitty. It was a great relief to have animals that were among the living this time. The atmosphere in this place was incredible the staff were so friendly and welcoming. During this program, we had an equal number of participants to volunteers, which made it feel more personable. It gave us the chance to have a deeper connection with the participants. I enjoyed the conversations I was having with all the people in this group. It even snowed while we were there, so some of us woke up early to go out walking one morning. Another great thing was the spectacular food, which always had me feeling satisfied. I can honestly say that after coming to this place, it made me want to do another Angloville. But it was time for this chapter to end, and a new one to begin, it was time for me to move on to Germany.

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