Wroclaw, Poland

I love sharing my passion for traveling around the world with everyone. In a world full of insecurities and fear, I have always wanted to face mine head-on. When I started being a solo traveler, it changed my life for the better. That is why, after three years, I continue doing what brings me joy.


This year I want to share my experiences around the globe, as well as help others learn how I started my journey and how I keep going.



If you are looking for a more authentic cultural immersion into a new country, you should use CouchSurfing. It allows you to connect with locals from staying at their house for free, events, and hangouts. 

I also had a volunteer opportunity in Poland that gave me free accommodation and food. I highly suggest this program called Angloville.  

After the program, I went to stay with the other volunteers at a hostel called Mleczarnia Hostel. I used Hostelworld to book this property. If you are looking for a centrally located hostel, this would be the best place for you. However, bring earplugs because there is a bar downstairs that stays open late. I didn't feel very welcomed by the staff when I arrived. The rooms feel like you walked back into time to your great grandparent's house. 


Vegan Food: 

Looking for an all vegan grocery store, no worries, you will find one here in Wroclaw. It is called Urban Vegan, it is a small grocery store, but it is nice going into a place you don't have to read labels. 

The only vegan restaurant I got the chance to go to while in Wroclaw, was Vega which is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Poland. It was established in 1987 and became fully vegan in 2013. This place is somewhere to go if you want traditional Polish food. 

Please leave a comment below this is all so I can help others achieve their goals and be brave enough to go after their dreams. If there is anything you would like me to talk about or if this was helpful for you, let me know. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from you all. Have a fabulous year, because we all deserve it. 

Travel Expenses:


CouchSurfing FREE

Angloville FREE

Mleczarnia Hostel $10


Grocery Stores $40

Vegan Restaurants $10


Orange $1.29


Angloville FREE


Hitchhiking FREE


Total Spent in 7 days: $60.29